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Senior chair specialist

Specialised knowledge

We are a Dutch company specialised in senior chairs. Our long experience has brought us extraordinary knowledge about these senior chairs. We have partnerships with 4 European producers. To enable a variety of chairs with high quality:

Details matter!

Especially for elderly people it is important that the product features matches with the customer need. Size, seats, lifts, castor wheels, colours, brake systems. We take into consideration each chair feature and compose the ideal chair.

Stock for rental parc and Try & Buy

Many people like to experience a senior chair before they buy. Therefore we provide rental services and try & buy programs to facilitate the user to use the chair. Once you use the chair at home or at work, you feel the benefits. And it helps you configure the exact chair specifications.

Rent a chair


Our office is based in the Netherlands. From here we distribute chairs. For professional advice at home you can ask:
  • » a local ergotherapist / physiotherapist.
  • » we travel 1x per month to Netherlands / Belgium / Germany / France for a personal consult
  • » we have service partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany and France
  • » we partner with Eurohubs for transport of chairs

Service maintenance

We supply quality chairs with a high durability and a standard warranty. In case of a malfunction we can repair you chair also after your warranty expires. Procedure for countries outside the Netherlands:
  • » logistics: we pick up your chair and put a temporary replacement chair
  • » service maintenance: the producer repairs the chair
  • » logistics: we deliver again your chair and pick up the replacement chair