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Many people use their senior chair many hours every day. So sitting comfort is important.

Size matters

We find it important to deliver chairs in the right seat size. Every person is unique; tall, small, heavy duty. Based on measurements we can select seats that match with your body size. Comfort means that you choose a seat with the correct depth and width. We have a range of seats available. For heavy duty users we can also customise the seat size.

Arthrodesis chair

We can also deliver arthrodesis chairs. This supports the legs in multiple angles. Specifically for people with painful legs / hips the arthrodesis seat provides a thorough solution.

Memory foam / Roho / perfolatex

Just like mattresses you can also use other material for seats. Softer seats, anti decubitus. We can arrange more sitting comfort with memory foam or perfolatex. Also an ergonomic back rest. Plus lumbar support. Seat cushion option:


You can choose between the following fabrics for your triple chair.
  • » Le Triple Basic / Wheels: polyester or SKAI synthetic leather in the colours blue, grey or green
  • » Mondo: polyester or synthetic leather in the colours grey, bordeaux red or blue

SKAI and synthetic leather are easier to clean.

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Senior Chair benefits

  • Senior chair specialist
  • Quick service
  • Deep assortment
  • Good price
  • Variety of seats
  • Professional advice
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