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Senior chair for small people

The essence of triple chairs is creating the right height level in the lowest and highest position:
  • » feet flat on the ground for better grip on the floor
  • » safer and lighter transfer from sit to standing position

Below the senior chairs there is a gas lift or an electronic lift to enable adjustable heights. It requires space to put this. This is why most senior chairs cannot go lower than 43 cm. About 5% of the client base needs a senior chair with a lower height. For this population we offer 2 options:
  • » Senior chair Mondo with a fixed tube: 1 fixed height
  • » lift with smaller built-in height

Senior chairs with low reach:

  • Spider 34 59 cm
  • Floortje 30 70 cm
  • Trippelmax 35 65 cm
  • Mondo fixed tube

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Senior Chair benefits

  • Senior chair specialist
  • Quick service
  • Deep assortment
  • Good price
  • Variety of seats
  • Professional advice
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