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Senior Chair for an easy day

Experience the multifunctional convenience of a senior chair. The solution for people with leg, knee, muscle or hip problems. This senior chair is designed with 100mm castor wheels, a brake and electric seat heigth adjustance. The 100 mm castor wheels enable to move easily. The lift brings the senior chair in a high position to grab articles from a shelf. And the brakes keep the chair steady on safe position to sit down and stand up.

A senior chair provides multifunctional benefits at home:
  • » easy moving
  • » brakes to sit and stand up safely
  • » high reach
  • » easy transfer from sitting to standing up
  • » various seats (size, fabrics, colours, arthrodesis, anti decubitus)
  • » long & strong armrests

Senior Chair assortiment

Broad assortment of senior chairs

We supply an extensive range of senior chairs at attractive prices. Details matter!! Each user has personal desires for functions, seat size, lifts, models and fabrics. We serve to tall people, short people, MS, arthrosis, disabled, persons with wooden floors, carpets, high doorsteps. We take into account all customer need and make the senior chair fit perfectly to all circumstances.

Rent or buy the ideal senior chair

Many people first like to experience and try the benefits of a senior chair. Our professional team measures, observes and configures for you the ideal senior chair. We have 3 service formulas:

Senior chair utilisation

There are endless situations where you benefit from a senior chair:

Senior Chair benefits