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Triple chair benefits

A triple chair offers many practical benefits at home or at work. We supply our articles & customer service primarily to people who face hinders from:
  • » standing a long time
  • » walking
  • » changed positions: standing sitting - standing

Triple movement with easy turn

The term "triple" is a Dutch verb for gently stroll. The castor wheels are durable and larger than from office chairs. And designed to facilitate moving and turning. With less efforts you roll the chair in the right direction. It costs less energy. It is crucial that you take a chair with a seat height where you can put both feet flat on the ground. Better stability and move easier.

Brake & strong armrest

The brake is a safety element to enable people to make their transfer better. The chair stays on the same position. You can also lean on the strong armrest to change from position:
  • » from sitting to standing
  • » from standing to sitting

As working chair the brake enables you to use force. The chair stays on the same position.


A high and low seat height enables the user to make a lighter transfer. Most people make their transfer from sitting to standing up better when they put the senior chair in a higher position. The legs stretch more and this makes it easier to stand up. Furthermore, the seat angle can also support standing up.

Another benefit of the triple chair is that an electronic lift brings you to a very high reach. A seat height of 73 cm offers the user the advantage to:
  • » grab products from a high shelf
  • » see yourself in the mirror in the bathroom while seated

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