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Search your suitable senior chair

Chair details matter when you buy a senior chair. This is the main reason why we offer a wide variety of models. You sit many hours every day on a senior chair. It makes live easier with the transfer, movements and it solves the problem of long standing in the kitchen or at work. You can lift the senior chair with the electric button to reach a higher sitting position:
  • » to stand up easier
  • » to reach high kitchen shelves

We make the senior chair fit to you

  • » seat size based on your desire
  • » seat fabrics & colours
  • » features
  • » wheel size / castor wheel types
  • » seat height
  • » brake systems
  • » large stock & professional specialists
  • » try a senior chair for 4 weeks before you make your purchase decision

Below you find our assortment for specific customer needs.

Senior Chair benefits

  • Senior chair specialist
  • Quick service
  • Deep assortment
  • Good price
  • Variety of seats
  • Professional advice
  • Try & Buy