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Therapy chair

There are various product group names for senior chairs. Most senior chairs can also be used described as therapy chair. People rent or buy a therapy chair when they are recovering from a physical problems. Depending of the physical situation and the mission of a therapy chair you can select a passive or active model.

Therapy chair for knee / leg / hip injuries

A triple chair is an excellent therapy chair with brakes, bigger castor wheels and a lift. You could say that this chair replaces the need to walk or stand. From therapy chair angle you could argue that:
  • » people do activate their feet to move
  • » safer transfers with the brake & lift
  • » more self supporting (less dependancy)
  • » you can fall back on a therapy chair when low energy

Therapy chair against back problems

Millions of people face back pains. Some stay at home. Others continue their work with terrible pain. Dynamic sitting in multiple positions during the day is a trend. This means we can provide you with therapy chairs such as:

Therapy chair focused at arthrodesis

Find out the arthrodesis chairs specifically as therapy chair to recover from a hip, leg or knee surgery. We often combine them with a leg rest. You can change the seat angle to support your leg better. Or to put it in a more comfortable position. These type of therapy chairs are also used in case of leg amputation.

Rent a therapy chair

How long do you need a therapy chair? 4 weeks, 3 months, 1 year, longer? We provide you the flexibility to rent a therapy chair. You benefit from top brand therapy chairs for the period you need them.

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